Commissions and Bonuses

In order to join the Bell Lifestyle Network business opportunity, an individual must register as an independent consultant and pay $20 (R250) for a starter kit. Once registered, consultants have twelve ways to earn income. For example, consultants can receive 20 percent commissions on retail sales from product purchases and for enrolling new members. Other financial incentives and bonuses include personal purchase bonuses, SSD bonuses, cash awards, free international travel, a luxury car program, house awards, and shares of the company’s total monthly turnover. The Bell Lifestyle Network compensation plan goes nine levels deep.

Consulting Team

Bell Lifestyle Network has a consulting team of professional experts that includes doctors, scientists, registered pharmacists, master herbalists, and nutritional consultants. On its website, the company claims to follow good manufacturing practices in the development and production of its product line in order to ensure optimal quality control and safety. All of Bell Lifestyle Network’s products are manufactured in FDA-registered manufacturing facilities.

Ingredient Transparency

The company is transparent about all of the ingredients it uses in its products. Bell Lifestyle Network also provides dosage directions.

Company Blog

Bell Lifestyle Network has a company blog filled with informative articles on various health and wellness topics. The blog touches on physical, mental, social, and nutritional issues and provides in-depth information regarding the company’s product line. Consumers can also opt to receive a free wellness e-newsletter featuring news, articles, and tips.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Bell Lifestyle Network offers its customers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If a customer is not happy with their purchase for any reason, they can simply send in the receipt and the bar code from the bottle purchased. Bell Lifestyle Network will refund the purchase price with no questions asked. However, not every single product is covered under this guarantee. Consumers can contact the company and speak with a service representative to find out which products are eligible.